Departmental Roles

  • Outside Insight Mentor, Department of Computing, Imeprial College London, UK, since 2019.
  • Head of the Examination Board Bachelor Studies in Medical Information Sciences (Vorsitzender des Prüfungsausschusses für den Bachelorstudiengang Medizinische Informatik), Department of Computer Sience/Faculty of Medicine, University of Augsburg, Germany, (01.10.2018 – 30.09.2022).
  • Research Associate (RA) Mentor, Department of Computing, Imperial College London, UK, since 2017.
  • Member of the Strategic Commission Working Group 2 – Inner Strategy (Mitglied Strategiekommission Arbeitsgruppe “Gruppe 2: Strategie nach Innen”), University of Augsburg, Department of Computer Sience, University of Augsburg, Germany, since 2017.
  • Member Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) Graduate Program, ZD.B (Center Digitisation.Bavaria), Garching, Germany, since 2017.
  • Organisation of Lecture, Institute for Human-Machine Interaction, Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany, (WS 2001/2002 – WS 2009/2010)
  • Social Secretary, Institute for Human-Machine Interaction, Technische Universität München,  Munich, Germany, (WS 03/04)

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